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Solid Wood Compact Nordic Style Nightstand

Solid Wood Compact Nordic Style Nightstand

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With high-quality solid beech wood to make this nightstand, the wood finish used by this nightstand is also natural and harmless, giving this nightstand a bright and charming look while being durable and long-lasting.  Coming with a single large storage compartment body, this bedside table looks simple and spacious. The open design of this bedside table makes it easy for you to collect your items inside. 

Dimensions: 15.75"L x 13.78" W x 15.75"H 

The tabletop of this wooden side table is enclosed by 1-inch wooden rail fence, so that your things can be safely placed on the top of this side table.  The extra space on the top of this side table can also be used to place some decorations such as vases, photo frames, etc.  Our bed table has a cable hole on the back for you to pass through your wires, so you can hide them under the tabletop of this bed table, making your place look much tidier. You can even hide a socket inside this bed table, and easily get cables through the hole, so that your devices can be conveniently charged and easily reached at the top.

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