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Solid Wood 39.4" Simple Desk, Light Oak

Solid Wood 39.4" Simple Desk, Light Oak

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This desk is made of 100% solid wood to maintain stability and durability. The surface of the desk has a wood grain pattern that gives it a natural feel. Not only does it look beautiful, but it's also easy to clean if water spills.  There is a drawer that can store small items.  Heavier than other desks, denser, better quality, more stable and durable. 

This desk is stylish and simple, and combines practicality and quality. There is a wiring hole that allows the cable on the desk to flow down. The cable can be stored neatly. And with the ergonomic concave arc design, the round desk corner design is not only beautiful, but also avoids bruising.  With a slim and compact size it is perfect for a small room space.

Dimensions: 39.37"L x 19.69"W x 29.92"H

Weight: 38.45 Lbs

Easily Assembly:  Simply turn the four legs clockwise with the included hex wrench.

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