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Angel Plush Blanket | Big - Silver Cloud

Angel Plush Blanket | Big - Silver Cloud

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Light as a whisper, plush as an angel’s wing, our premium Angel Plush blanket offers an entirely new level of sumptuous softness. 

With a heartfelt message imprinted on a super-soft, vegan suede tag, the Angel Plush blanket provides a constant reminder that you are loved.

You are a wise, beautiful and powerful soul. Feel my love surrounding you, guiding you, protecting you always. Dream big. Shine bright. Love yourself. You are all the magic you will ever need. Celebrate you and share your heart with the world!

SIZE:  48” x 72”

CARE: The Angel Plush Blanket is anti-piling and machine washable. Use cold water, gentle cycle. Hang or dry flat and shake to fluff. Do not use any heat, bleach or fabric softener. Do not wring or iron. May be dry cleaned.

100% polyester faux fur llama plush.

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